While running a business, it’s easy to lose track of what happens to all the information your employees, customers, and suppliers have access to and how it’s protected. It is even hard to know exactly where your most important data is held and if it’s stored onsite on employees’ desktops, office servers, on off-site cloud servers… or even on portable drives. There are simple steps YOU can take to help protect your business account, but we're here to help too. Howard Bank’s fraud prevention team provides tips to keep your business banking account safe from fraud and other security risks. From identity theft prevention to fraud protection, we use the latest technology to keep your business’s financial information safe. Some of our security tools include:

  • Tokens: This small, handheld device provides a unique password with the touch of a button. 
  • Encryption: We use advanced technology to protect your information and accounts.
  • Positive Pay: This online tool ensures that we process only the transactions you authorize.

Visit our online business banking page to learn more about the features and services we provide for your business's protection. You can also download our questionnaire to see if you're doing enough to minimize the risks of financial fraud to your business.