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Don’t Be Fooled

Howard Bank will never contact you to ask you for your account numbers or passwords by phone, email, or text.

When you bank with Howard, you can rest assured that your security is our first priority. We use EnFact® to monitor your personal and business banking accounts 24/7 for security threats and alert you at the first sign of fraudulent activity. You can read more below to learn more about the types of controls we have in place for your safety. You can also find tips on ways to protect yourself.  

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Treasury Management

Treasury management is the umbrella term for banking services that help you use your company’s available cash as effectively as possible. But treasury management also provides peace of mind when it comes to business fraud. 

Wawa Data Breach

On December 19, 2019, Wawa convenience stores announced that they found malware on their payment processing servers. This breach may have exposed debit and credit card information used by customers in its stores and at its gas pumps at all Wawa locations at different points in time.

Business Fraud Prevention

At Howard Bank, we use a wide range of security strategies to protect your business accounts. The most effective ways to prevent business fraud, though, start inside your business — like training your employees and setting up financial safeguards. 

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