It happens to everyone from time to time: You write a check that takes more money than your checking account has available. The shortfall is known as an overdraft (deficit caused by withdrawing more money than the account holds). We can help you manage it.

At Howard Bank, our overdraft protection covers your checking account transactions. Overdraft protection is a revolving line of credit linked to your checking account. If you overdraw your checking account, your line of credit automatically transfers funds to cover the shortfall.

With overdraft protection, you don't have to worry about whether a deposit will hit before a check clears– you’re covered.

Our overdraft line of credit:

  • Covers transactions from your checking account, that are done via check writing
  • Carries no annual fee and charges a competitive interest rate
  • Covers overdrafts up to your approved credit limit, which has a minimum of $500

You can apply for our overdraft line of credit in person at a branch near you or over the phone. Don’t have a checking account with us yet? Find out more about your checking options at Howard Bank.

All Loans Subject to Credit Approval

*See the Schedule of Charges (PDF) for details.