We want you to stay in your home and avoid foreclosure just as much as you do. We offer a number of options that allow you to temporarily or permanently reduce your monthly mortgage payments. You make up the difference in payments when you’re back on your feet.

Examples include:

  • Forbearance: This program suspends or reduces (or both) your monthly mortgage payments. Forbearance gives you extra time to get your account up to date. You may qualify for this plan if you’re dealing with a temporary financial challenge such as a job loss.
  • Repayment plan: We may offer this option at the end of a forbearance program (see above). In essence, you’ll pay your regular mortgage amount — plus an additional amount per month — until you catch up on your back payments.
  • Loan modification options: We may be able to change certain aspects of your loan, such as the repayment term or interest rate, so you can more easily afford your mortgage payments. Unlike a repayment plan, a loan modification is a permanent change to your mortgage contact. If your financial difficulties are temporary, you might prefer to work with us on a repayment plan instead.


Call Howard Bank before you get too far behind on mortgage payments. We can talk about options to help you stay in your home, if possible. Contact Felipe Rojas: 443-573-2687 or [email protected].