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Coronavirus Resource Center

Because we care about here, Howard Bank has a deep commitment to proactively communicating with all of our stakeholders. Consistent with that commitment, we built out this Resource Center to share our updates and recommendations to help you to continue conducting your banking in the safest way possible in this current environment.

With the ongoing spread of Coronavirus COVID-19, we are continuing to closely monitor the latest reports and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as local health authorities. We have already taken several precautionary measures with the objective of protecting the health and safety of our customers, our colleagues and their families, and by extensions, the communities we serve.

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Tutorial Videos

Howard Bank offers an Online Education Center with how-to videos for all of our banking products. Need help navigating online banking? We've got you covered. Need help with something else? We probably have a video for it.

Prevent the Spread

Preventing the spread of the novel Coronavirus requires everyone to do their part. We're doing ours by modifying our services, adjusting operations, adding additional cleaning measures, and more. 

COVID-19 Scam Safety

While people are trying to find trustworthy information about the virus in terms of the spread, protecting themselves, obtaining a test, and more, sadly, fraudsters are using the situation to take advantage of people. Often time, COVID-19 related scams involve companies and/or individuals trying to sell products with claims of preventing or curing the virus, but there is no available cure currently. Learn more about the recent types of scams and how to help protect yourself. 

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