Howard Bank will make a difference. First, for the business owner, his or her business, family, and employees. This is about building dreams and legacies. What we do through a unique hands-on approach to customer service can have an impact that touches all parts of their lives. And then the effect will spread. By investing our time, energy, and resources into one business after another, one family after another, we help to assure that the communities we serve will remain great places to live and work.

Our quarterly speaker series is designed as a peer support advisory group for leaders of multigenerational family-owned and operated businesses. Each quarter, we will provide guest speakers with valuable insights on varied topics to help business owners build their legacies.  


 Event Date:
September 23, 2020

Event Time:
8:00 - 11:30 a.m.

Event Location:

Event Agenda:
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Next Event:

EVENT: The Road Map... Valuing and Positioning Your Business for the Next Destination!

We've partnered with some of our friends around town and invited business owners, leaders, and content experts from a variety of business sectors to our virtual speaker series. They'll be discussing a wide range of issues confronting business owners as they address transition and transformation. Every business owner or leadership team has to evaluate a plan for succession, exit, growth, equity investment, or growth through merger and acquisition. We've created this opportunity to hear from those who have the expertise and can help design the Road Map to success!
If you'd like to join us, please register by using the link below.
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