What is Popmoney?

Popmoney is Howard Bank's FREE person-to-person payment service that allows you to send money to friends, family, or anyone at all. All you need is their name email address or phone number to start moving money from your Howard Bank account to their account at any financial institution. 

How can I use Popmoney?

That's the beauty of it! Any way you'd like...
Pay your landlord, your friend, your co-worker, your brother...pay anyone at any time regardless of where their bank account is. You can pitch in for group gifts or finally get paid back for all of those lunches you covered for that friend who always forgets his wallet. You can even use it to request money. It's the newest and easiest way to pay and get paid, and the best part is, it's 100% FREE.

 Ready to get started?

First, you need to be signed up for Online Banking. Popmoney® can be found in the Bill   Payment tab of your Online or Mobile Banking account.


Questions? Give us a call at 410-750-0020 or watch a tutorial video.