• Wednesday, December 27, 2017
  • Posted by Amarasco

Late December is a time of year that encourages us to reflect – on our achievements, our left “to dos” and the excitement of  looking forward to a new year and new goals and challenges.

These reflections of course take place in a larger context. It is the time of year  when some of us retell the story of a child born under a star in trying circumstances who went on to change the world, and others retell the story of a small band of fighters who won against all odds and were rewarded with the gift of lamp light. A time when  many of us focus on our cultural roots and community and when all of us rejoice for the promise of the growing light that the winter solstice and the end of the shortest day of the year bodes.

Light is a recurring theme for each of us – whatever we celebrate or believe. And change is another element in all of these stories. The world is turning for all of us- at this time of year and throughout the year. Both light and change and turnings are gifts – gifts that often come with new opportunities, new roles and new responsibilities.

Howard Bank has certainly received many gifts this year – new capital, new customers, new colleagues, and new community, industry and market recognition. This was a watershed year for the bank – maybe more than any other to date in our history. We  reached new heights and while we encountered many challenges, we are grateful for our many rewards. Those rewards are because of the contributions of others.

To each of our colleagues, we owe a debt of gratitude for your commitment to a vision, your hard work in service to that vision and your many individual and team achievements that moved us forward in our goal for greater impact and greater relevance in the many small and large communities we serve.

To each of our customers, we owe a similar debt of gratitude for your receptivity to our messages, for your loyalty and, of course, for your business.

So, as the new year emerges on the horizon, may each of us thrive in the opportunities that a New Year presents to us.

Happy Holidays and sincere wishes for a healthy, successful and rewarding New Year for which we will all be grateful.

Mary Ann Scully
Chairman & CEO