• Friday, August 08, 2014
  • Posted by Mary Ann Scully

Howard BankMaryAnn ScullyIt was about ten years ago to the day that Howard Bank first opened its doors at the Snowden River and Hickory Ridge branches here in Columbia. I clearly remember that day (August 9th to be exact). After a full year of preparation- raising capital, talking to regulators, signing office leases and hiring colleagues , to see customers enter our branches, drive up to our ATM's, and to discuss with clients when we could book their new loans was the type of nail biting yet exhilarating moment that all business founders understand. I look back on it with awe and pride having seen what Howard Bank has become today. This August is a special moment in our history. A decade ago we set out on the journey to become the kind of local bank that was truly different and was built around an unshakeable commitment to connecting with our community in a very new and different way. Now, we have the good pleasure of looking back and reflecting on where we’ve come from and where we’re going. It’s an exciting journey and we’re so thankful to the extraordinary employees and partners that have invested so much in making Howard Bank a bank that our clients believe in. I want to take advantage of this moment in time to say a very sincere thank you to our clients. Without you Howard Bank wouldn’t be where we are today. In the coming months we’ll be telling some of the stories of our history, especially the stories of our seasoned employees and executives who have been a part of this journey since the beginning. Look for that content soon and please join with us in celebrating our shared success this fall.