• Wednesday, August 07, 2019
  • Posted by Mary Ann Scully

Today is a special birthday - the birthday of Howard Bank. Much has changed since 2004 - a major recession followed by a very long-lived recovery; physical expansion from our birthplace in Howard county to a footprint that stretches from Annapolis in the south to Newark, Delaware in the north; growth in assets from $17MM to $2.2B and growth in employees from 20 to 300; continuing consolidation in our industry leaving Howard as the only locally headquartered bank in the top 10 in our region - not to mention Howard Bank being in the top 10 - actually #7 in the Baltimore MSA!

Howard Bank has throughout our 15-year history differentiated ourselves by our consistent commitment to leveraging our human and financial capital to ensure that our customers and the communities we serve together are able to create their own legacy. We’ve recently incorporated this message in our brand vision. We build our legacy by helping others build theirs. We’ve also incorporated some stories of the legacies that YOU are building in our new messaging.  

I recently presented our story to a group of investors and one of those investors - a Baltimore based money manager - told us that if he did not already know the story, he would want to research to learn more about the bank because our story is uniquely differentiated. It is YOU that makes it differentiated. Our singular focus on the Greater Baltimore small and medium-sized business community - and through you, your owners, executives, and employees - makes us very different in terms of the competitive loan and deposit product set we offer, the expertise our focus lets us bring to you, the way we try to deliver advice one on one, face to face and where you are, not just where we are. Everything we do is in service to you, and your legacy.

We hope that you feel this focus today and every day and the commitment that comes with it.  

Mary Ann Scully
Chairman and CEO