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Chelsea Crossen

Since its inception, Howard Bank has been helping family-owned businesses in Greater Baltimore meet their lending needs and solve their most pressing issues from liquidity and cash flow to building the business for future generations. Family-owned businesses are Howard’s bread and butter. That is why we are proud sponsors of The Baltimore Business Journal’s 2020 Family-Owned Business Awards. To find out more about the bank’s work with family-owned businesses we sat down with Rob Kunisch, Howard Bank’s President and COO with 34 years of banking experience, to hear what he had to say.

Q: What makes Howard Bank an exceptional family-owned business partner?
We are a true partner in the way we work with our customers. We take the long view and are always looking forward. Whether a business is just starting out, growing and expanding, or working on succession plans, we have banking experts to help in every stage of a business. In fact, we have one customer today that is up to their third generation. We’ve helped the company transition from one generation to the next which means that they don’t have to explain the ins and outs of their business over and over again to a new banker. That speaks to the bond we create with our

Q: Why are family-owned businesses so important to the bank?
Its family-owned businesses that make the world go around. They are key to our economy. Working with them allows our bankers the opportunity to interact with the company on a different level. I enjoy working with entrepreneurs, risk-takers. They take chances that other people aren’t willing to take to pursue their passion. We’ve grown up in the same culture, taking risks to build
a great bank.

Q: Howard is not a mega-bank based in another city, does that play to your advantage?
There is no doubt about it. The big regional banks have to cover a large geographical territory, while we are focused on the Baltimore region. This is our home, not our “Mid-Atlantic Market.” We are right here, headquartered in Baltimore, right in the middle of our banking territory. All of our decision-makers sit within 100 feet of each other. So, these family-owned businesses actually meet the people who are making the ultimate decision on their loans. It’s a lot easier for us to drive two miles up the street, look at a project say ‘OK, we get it,’ than it is for decision-makers who may be sitting in Charlotte or Buffalo or somewhere else out of town. That makes a huge difference. We also don’t have a lot of account officer turnover. Consistency is key.

Q: What should people know about the products and services you offer family-owned businesses?
As a bank our size, we can provide all of the products and services and technology that is equal to banks that are significantly larger than us. In most instances, our products and services are better because we can upgrade them quickly. We provide treasury management products, online banking, remote deposit captures, sweep accounts, letters of credit and derivatives. At the
same time, I am not trying to sell you things that you don’t necessarily need, like insurance policies or wealth management. We are 100% focused on commercial banking and supporting the goals of family-owned businesses.


Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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