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Lauren Moeser
Tips For Keeping Remote Employees Engaged
Throughout the pandemic, more and more companies have pivoted their workforce to a mostly-remote working environment. As companies have come to realize they are still able to function efficiently in a remote environment, many have decided to keep their workforces working remotely on a permanent basis beyond the pandemic. But a fully remote workforce may have you wondering how you’ll be able to keep employees engaged. Employee engagement, regardless of where or how your workforce is operating, is a major key to the overall success of a company and the satisfaction of your employees. Consider the following tips to keep your workforce engaged in a remote environment:

1. Engage employees through multiple avenues
When it comes to employee engagement, it is important to recognize that everyone has different preferences and comfort level when interacting with co-workers. Consider the different personality types you have on your team. Offering different types of engagement opportunities will help you appeal to the entire workforce.  

Some ideas for different types of engagement can include:
  • Staff meetings on your preferred virtual video platform to connect face-to-face, simply to socialize, or even offer a give-away to employees
  • Themed contests where employees can send in submissions and vote on their favorite such as “best work from home set-up”
  • Incorporate fun into regular meetings that are held such as wear your favorite sports jersey or wear a funny hat
  • Create a space for co-workers to offer compliments or praise for a job well done to others through a company newsletter or intranet
  • Have a themed Friday for employees to send in photos, i.e. Purple Friday
  • Send your staff a gift card to purchase lunch of their choice
  • Set up a virtual “coffee break room” before work hours for employees to join when they wish to connect
2. Create opportunities for frequent engagement
To keep employee engagement momentum going throughout the year, be sure to create opportunities for employees to have some fun, interact with each other, or feel appreciated often. An employee base that feels engaged with the company they are working for will be more productive and have more job satisfaction. Consider organizing opportunities for engagement at least once a month or once a quarter.
3. Obtain feedback and insight through conversation and online employee surveys
A critical part of employee engagement is giving employees the ability to feel heard throughout the organization. Seek feedback from employees through conversation as well as online employee surveys. This will provide the opportunity to learn what your company is doing well, what employees have enjoyed from your engagement efforts, and allow them to offer their suggestions on ways to improve or add engagement opportunities that they might enjoy. There are plenty of ways you can gather feedback, and for free! Use programs like SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, Crowdpurr, or Poll Everywhere.
There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to employee engagement! Consider your company culture and what resonates with your employee base when determining your engagement strategy. Don’t be afraid to try new and creative things as you navigate your engagement in a remote working environment.

*The information contained herein is presented for general informational purposes only and does not constitute financial, tax, or legal advice. The views expressed by the author are not necessarily those of Howard Bank and are solely the opinions of the author.


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Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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