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We care about building legacies.

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Howard Bank is the largest bank headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland committed to ensuring that each interaction with our customers is exceptional. Going above and beyond is nothing but business as usual. 

Regardless of your role here at the bank, every email, branch transaction, phone call, letter sent, and meeting scheduled is done with one thing in mind - doing what’s best for our customers and their financial well-being. As a new employee, you will be joining a bank focused on and committed to helping others build their legacy! As a sophisticated, relationship-driven community bank, we know that our team is our strongest differentiator. We believe you will ensure our success and we are equally committed to ensuring that Howard Bank is the organization where you can grow in your career and enjoy it.

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Working at Howard Bank
Virtual Hiring Tips

Hiring professionals have faced hurdles such as being able to continue to connect with job seekers virtually, keeping candidate pipelines open as well as engaged, glitches with technology during online interviews, and ensuring that the hiring process still feels like a personal and positive experience. Through these challenges, a great deal has been learned regarding the keys to success in hiring in a remote world.

Working at Howard Bank
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3 Tips for Keeping Remote Employees Engaged

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