Operation: Shop Local

  • 06 Apr 2020
  • Posted by ccrossen

At Howard Bank, we care about here. That’s more than just our tagline; that’s our commitment. And it was made to the people, businesses, and communities we serve. We know how difficult this time is for everyone, especially for small business owners, so we wanted to find a way to help.

Together, with WBAL NewsRadio, 98 Rock, and WBAL-TV 11, we are proud to launch the Operation: Shop Local program. This program was put in place to help support the small business in the Baltimore region as they navigate these uncertain waters. Operation: Shop Local will allow local small business owners to submit direct links to their non-essential company’s website to purchase gift cards able to be redeemed at a later date.

If you know of someone who belongs on this list, please share this information with them. If you have a business that should be included, head over to this website to submit your information.


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We're Here To Help: A Message From Our CEO

  • 24 Mar 2020
  • Posted by Mary Ann Scully

Welp, it’s another beginning of another week. Except this work week looks distinctly unlike any other we’ve experienced. We know it is a difficult time for many and we’re committed to doing what’s right for you. Your health—physical and financial—is a top priority for us and informs all of our actions in these unprecedented times.

Each and every day, our team meets behind the scenes to discuss ways that we can make sure that you have access to our financial services, but more importantly to the insight and the advice that you need to get you through the upcoming days. While many things seem to have changed overnight in our world, some things stay the same. Our commitment to address each customer as the unique person and business that they are is one thing that has not changed in the last three weeks.

First and Foremost, Call Your Banker

While some banks have lists of accommodations that they are making for some clients, we are solely invested in this community and we know that a “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work for many customers. With that in mind, the biggest piece of advice we can give you right now is what it has always been, to call your banker.  Whether it’s your Relationship Manager or local branch, we’re here to get you through this no matter what potential issues you’re facing. From Payment Modification Options, to helping you access your line of credit, to walking you through the details of the many current State and Federal Relief Programs, we are working with customers on these and other options. Let your banker help you cut through the noise and advise you on your best options.

Utilize Our Resource Center

To continuously keep you informed, we are actively updating the Coronavirus Resource Center located on our website. This includes information on the bank's safety measures, alternate banking tools, and additional public resources. Please use this to your advantage as we continue to get more information.

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Coronavirus: A Message From Our CEO

  • 12 Mar 2020
  • Posted by Mary Ann Scully

Because we care about here, Howard Bank has a deep commitment to proactively communicating with all of our stakeholders. Consistent with that commitment, we wanted to reach out and share a few recommendations for you, our customers and prospective customers, to help you continue conducting your banking in the safest way possible in this new health environment as well as update you on a few precautionary measures that we’re taking. At the same time, we want to remind you that while transactions may be digital, communication can always be personal and we are always here to talk to you about your uniquely individual situations. Banking remains personal even in times of stress and uncertainty.

With the ongoing concerns about the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19, we are and will continue to closely monitor the latest reports and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as local health authorities. We have already taken several precautionary measures with the objective of protecting the health and safety of our customers, our colleagues and their families and by extensions, the communities we serve.

Banking From Your Home or Office

Howard Bank offers several alternative banking solutions for those of you who wish to avoid public places and/or are unable to visit a branch at this time. We encourage you to utilize our Online and Mobile Banking solutions which provide you 24/7 access to view transactions, check balances, pay bills, deposit checks and more. If you need to sign up for these services, you can do so via the links provided below:

We have also recently launched Online Account Opening which allows you to open select accounts in a matter of minutes from your laptop or mobile device.

We suspect that social distancing or sheltering in place will put even more emphasis on electronic payments and remind everyone of our debit card, Bill Pay, Zelle®, and Mobile Payment alternatives to exchange funds for any reason.

If you are out and about and need access to cash, our ATMs are available 24/7 and we participate in the MoneyPass® network which allows access to over 32,000 surcharge-free ATMs. Night depositories also remain available.

Our branches and regional offices remain open and we are closely monitoring guidance from the CDC, the Maryland Health Department, and the Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA). If we take the step of limiting branch availability or temporarily closing a branch or regional office due to COVID-19 related reasons, we will promptly alert our customers.

We are also monitoring possible short-term economic consequences that may develop as a result of the spread of this virus or the steps taken to prevent its spread. If and when these consequences begin to affect our customers, we always stand ready to discuss ways in which we can help you to navigate those circumstances.

Precautionary Steps We Are Taking

As a bank, we are part of a regulated industry and we are always focused on appropriately managing risks. We make continuous improvements to our standing business continuity planning and we regularly test different contingency scenarios including pandemics. We feel very prepared to manage any disruptions and want to help you do that as well. These plans, policies, and procedures enable us to continue to serve our customers in times such as these. The measures developed and in place will support our continued operations and support our customer’s financial needs during emergencies and disasters and we continue to enhance our plans and processes to appropriately address the specific challenges of COVID-19:

  • We are consistently monitoring staff levels throughout all areas of the bank. This includes the option to allow essential personnel to work remotely to ensure operations continue even in the most extreme circumstances.
  • We are actively testing our ability to operate with a significant percentage of our staff working from home not just for illness but for precautionary self–quarantining.
  • Augmented “extreme” cleaning procedures have been put in place at all branch locations and back offices.
  • We have made hand sanitizer readily available and are ensuring branch teams and back-office personnel know the best practices recommended by the CDC. You may also see some members of our branch team wearing gloves, especially when handling money.
  • We have instructed any member of our team who is feeling ill or exhibiting flu-like symptoms or has a family member who is ill, to remain at home and we encourage our customers to do likewise.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation and evaluate additional measures to support our customers and communities as needs arise.

For additional information about COVID-19, as well as common-sense guidance for some simple, effective things that we can all do right now to protect ourselves and those around us, get the latest report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or your local health department website.

Thank you,

Mary Ann Scully
Chairman and CEO


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2019: A Year in Review

  • 24 Dec 2019
  • Posted by mmelendez

2019 was an incredible year for Howard Bank. We celebrated our 15th year anniversary, introduced a refreshed brand and strengthened our dedication to the communities we serve through a variety of programming. 
Our accomplishments would not be possible without our team members, customers, partners and supporters. The roles each one of you plays makes a difference – for us and for our communities.
Let’s take a look back at some of the memories you all helped create:

15-year anniversary
On August 9th, Howard Bank celebrated 15 years in business. We’ve seen tremendous growth since 2004, including our employee count, asset size and branch footprint. Chairman and CEO, Mary Ann Scully shared her reflections on the bank’s 15th birthday in a special blog post, take a look.

Howard Bank 15 Year Anniversary


Committed to the community
Giving back and getting involved is a central component of the Bank’s philosophy. By investing our time, energy and resources in the communities we serve, we’re helping to assure they remain great places to live and work.

We’re proud to share the results of our efforts in 2019:

Maryland Book BankMaryland Book Bank
Maryland Zoo
Maryland Zoo
Junior Achievement of Central MarylandJunior Achievement of Central Maryland


And the award goes to...
We worked hard this past year and it didn’t go unnoticed! The Bank received recognition for our efforts within the banking industry and for our community service. Here are a few of those notable awards:

The Daily Record Reader Ranking award
Reader Rankings was designed to recognize the top businesses in Maryland. For the third year in a row (I think they call that a three-peat!), Howard Bank was voted Top Business Bank in Finance category.

American Bankers Association Community Commitment award
The ABA Community Commitment awards is a national program that recognizes the many ways banks contribute to enhancing the quality of life in their communities. We were given an Honorable Mention in the Volunteerism category for the launch of our Volunteer Time Off program and the success it saw in its first year of operation. Read more.

45th Annual Mayor's Business Recognition award
The Business Recognition award honors businesses that have demonstrated corporate leadership and service in improving the quality of life in Baltimore. Howard Bank won for our Headquarters relocation to Baltimore City and the development of several unique programs to improve the core of our city and Greater Baltimore region. Read more.


Our new brand promise

Earlier this year, we rolled out a brand refresh that we felt better defined and articulated what truly sets us apart from our competitors. After some soul searching and inspiration from our employees and customers, we found it’s really simple—we care. 

We care about here. So we take our vision, to create our legacy by helping others who live and work here create theirs, very seriously. Our brand is the intersection between expectation and experience in the hearts and minds of our clients and employees. It represents our highest aspirations and it is a promise that we make not only to ourselves but to our customers. 

You can read more about what we stand for here.



Keep It Local contest
In May, we launched our inaugural Keep It Local small business contest. This contest was designed to recognize and support small businesses that are helping our communities thrive. Little did we know the response we would receive from our customers and local communities. Throughout the contest's 12-week duration, we received 3,000 nominations and 14,000 votes. On August 5th, we finally crowned our winner—Rise 'N Grind Cafe, a Cecil County coffee shop dedicated to revitalizing the town of Rising Sun. The prize? $10,000 toward their continued success. Take a look:


What a year it's been! 2019 has been incredibly rewarding and we can't wait to see what 2020 brings. Thank you to the entire Howard Bank community!  We look forward to serving you in the new year! 

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    From the CEO: Thank you for 15 years

    • 07 Aug 2019
    • Posted by Mary Ann Scully

    Today is a special birthday - the birthday of Howard Bank. Much has changed since 2004 - a major recession followed by a very long-lived recovery; physical expansion from our birthplace in Howard county to a footprint that stretches from Annapolis in the south to Newark, Delaware in the north; growth in assets from $17MM to $2.2B and growth in employees from 20 to 300; continuing consolidation in our industry leaving Howard as the only locally headquartered bank in the top 10 in our region - not to mention Howard Bank being in the top 10 - actually #7 in the Baltimore MSA!

    Howard Bank has throughout our 15-year history differentiated ourselves by our consistent commitment to leveraging our human and financial capital to ensure that our customers and the communities we serve together are able to create their own legacy. We’ve recently incorporated this message in our brand vision. We build our legacy by helping others build theirs. We’ve also incorporated some stories of the legacies that YOU are building in our new messaging.  

    I recently presented our story to a group of investors and one of those investors - a Baltimore based money manager - told us that if he did not already know the story, he would want to research to learn more about the bank because our story is uniquely differentiated. It is YOU that makes it differentiated. Our singular focus on the Greater Baltimore small and medium-sized business community - and through you, your owners, executives, and employees - makes us very different in terms of the competitive loan and deposit product set we offer, the expertise our focus lets us bring to you, the way we try to deliver advice one on one, face to face and where you are, not just where we are. Everything we do is in service to you, and your legacy.

    We hope that you feel this focus today and every day and the commitment that comes with it.  

    Mary Ann Scully
    Chairman and CEO

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    A new and improved Howard Bank website is on the way!

    • 09 Apr 2018
    • Posted by estarr

    We’re excited to announce that HowardBank.com is getting a makeover – and we’re almost ready for the reveal.

    In just a few weeks, you will notice a new streamlined design that offers effortless navigation and enhanced functionality. Whether accessing the site from your mobile phone, a tablet, or desktop computer, you will have easy access to tools for accomplishing your most common account-related tasks.

    Our mission is to deliver a website that is easy to use, getting you where you need to go with fewer clicks.

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    Reflections of 2017

    • 27 Dec 2017
    • Posted by Amarasco

    Late December is a time of year that encourages us to reflect – on our achievements, our left “to dos” and the excitement of  looking forward to a new year and new goals and challenges.

    These reflections of course take place in a larger context. It is the time of year  when some of us retell the story of a child born under a star in trying circumstances who went on to change the world, and others retell the story of a small band of fighters who won against all odds and were rewarded with the gift of lamp light. A time when  many of us focus on our cultural roots and community and when all of us rejoice for the promise of the growing light that the winter solstice and the end of the shortest day of the year bodes.

    Light is a recurring theme for each of us – whatever we celebrate or believe. And change is another element in all of these stories. The world is turning for all of us- at this time of year and throughout the year. Both light and change and turnings are gifts – gifts that often come with new opportunities, new roles and new responsibilities.

    Howard Bank has certainly received many gifts this year – new capital, new customers, new colleagues, and new community, industry and market recognition. This was a watershed year for the bank – maybe more than any other to date in our history. We  reached new heights and while we encountered many challenges, we are grateful for our many rewards. Those rewards are because of the contributions of others.

    To each of our colleagues, we owe a debt of gratitude for your commitment to a vision, your hard work in service to that vision and your many individual and team achievements that moved us forward in our goal for greater impact and greater relevance in the many small and large communities we serve.

    To each of our customers, we owe a similar debt of gratitude for your receptivity to our messages, for your loyalty and, of course, for your business.

    So, as the new year emerges on the horizon, may each of us thrive in the opportunities that a New Year presents to us.

    Happy Holidays and sincere wishes for a healthy, successful and rewarding New Year for which we will all be grateful.

    Mary Ann Scully
    Chairman & CEO

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    A Special Thank You From Mary Ann Scully

    • 22 Dec 2016
    • Posted by Amarasco

    Mary Ann ScullyFor thousands of years, the world has turned to both celebration and sober reflection at this time of year.  We ponder the approaching long hours of darkness and cold associated with the winter solstice; we are awed by ancient stories of infant births and temple lamps; we are always deciding on the best way to give thanks, and we are constantly contemplating challenges and opportunities ahead.  It is a time of refection in part because of all these contrasts.  We at Howard Bank want to share our reflections with you - our customers, colleagues, and community members at this time of co-celebration. We remain ever optimistic and hope that those who are feeling anxious about the changes that have occurred in the world, and that continue to occur, can themselves reflect on the tried and trues that transcend elections, interest rate uncertainty, stock market swings, and even civil wars. We live in one of the most free, most open countries in the world and that freedom is, in the long term, worth our constant commitment.  We, in Greater Baltimore, live in a region with higher than average education levels, higher than average wealth, higher than average growth, and lower than average unemployment- we are among the luckiest people in a world still filled with pockets of intolerance, poverty, malnutrition and illiteracy. Each of us gets to participate in community life with many of our friends, family, and neighbors who have big enough hearts to appreciate that, while on average, we are blessed.  There are significant inequities in freedom, wealth, education, and upward opportunity where each of us can do something – no matter how small- about that every day. We thank you for always welcoming us into these communities we serve – for doing business with us, connecting us to others, making us aware of problems to be solved, and helping us solve them together. And we commit to continue to serve you – to help you make your dreams come true – as that is our purpose in life as your community bank. Mary Ann Chairman, President and CEO Howard Bank and Howard Bancorp

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