At Howard Bank, we bring a hands-on approach to everything we do. Our vision is banking as it should be: friendly and reliable. Our values include:

  • Proactive: We're in the business of reaching out to you and your business with solutions and services before you know you need it.  Rest assured that we're keeping an eye out for you at all times and won't wait for you to contact us before reaching out to you.   
  • Advice-oriented: We want to be the go to bank when you have questions.  No matter where you are in your life or business, we want to be the ones in your corner guiding you down the right path. 
  • Responsiveness with a sense of urgency : We pride ourselves on our attentive, quick customer service. Our team takes the time to learn about your financial needs so that we can resolve your question as soon as you call or email. With special training to get to the heart of service issues, our team stays with you until you’re satisfied. 
  • Local decision-making: As a locally operated and headquartered bank, we're focused on the communities we serve. Our teams make decisions locally to support your financial goals, with the same services and technology you’d expect from a large bank.
  • Meaningful relationships with our customers: We value our customers as partners, neighbors, and friends. Our entire team, including local executive officers, relationship managers, branch managers,  and private bankers,  live, work and play in the neighborhoods we serve. They’re involved in local community issues and want their neighborhoods to thrive. When you visit a branch, you’ll see familiar faces and work with staff who understand your banking needs.
  • Simplicity: We make it easier for you to bank whenever and wherever you like – at your home or office, on your mobile device or at one of our branches. Our expert advisors become your partners taking the complexities of out banking. 
  • Transparency: When it comes to the fine print, you can expect simple, straightforward information about all our fees, rates and policies. Our teams take care of all the details so you can focus on your financial success.

Our Vision:

A Relentless Commitment to Be the Best at Everything We Do.

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission statement drives our commitment to our customers, employees and local communities:

Howard Bank will make a difference. First, for the small business owner, his or her business, family, and employees. This is about building dreams. What we do through a unique hands-on approach to customer service can have an impact that touches all parts of their lives. And then the effect will spread. By investing our time, energy and resources into one business after another, one family after another, we help to assure that the communities we serve will remain great places to live and work.

To keep it simple; It Means Every Person Who Works at This Bank is Empowered to Help You.