American Banker: Howard Bank Perks Aplenty

Our Chief Deposit Officer, Drew McKone, was recently interviewed by Miriam Cross of American Banker. As Chief Deposit Officer, McKone oversees all aspects of the branch network and the consumer lending department, including the development and execution of a strategic plan to align with the bank’s business plan and goals. McKone and Cross discussed our new personal checking account suite which offers money-saving benefits with our HBExtras mobile app, powered by BaZing.

“Customers typically don’t embrace change, but we thought this was a risk worth taking to try to reengage a certain portion of our checking portfolio,” said Drew McKone

"Exclusive discounts, cell phone insurance, and roadside assistance are benefits more typically folded into credit cards than into checking accounts. But Howard Bancorp hopes that bundling these and other non-traditional perks into its checking accounts — and an app that makes them easier to use — will reinforce their value for existing customers, entice a younger audience and increase account activity. Customers of the new accounts get the fullest array of benefits by downloading a separate app, HBExtras, which can also alert the user when they are near local retailers that have partnered with Howard to offer coupons to its customers."

Readers with a subscription to American Banker can access the full article here.
To learn more about our personal checking accounts with benefits, view our Extra Checking and Extra+ Checking accounts. 
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