A Q&A with Howard Bank's President and COO on Helping Family-Owned Businesses

  • 11 Aug 2020
  • Posted by ccrossen

Since its inception, Howard Bank has been helping family-owned businesses in Greater Baltimore meet their lending needs and solve their most pressing issues from liquidity and cash flow to building the business for future generations. Family-owned businesses are Howard’s bread and butter. That is why we are proud sponsors of The Baltimore Business Journal’s 2020 Family-Owned Business Awards. To find out more about the bank’s work with family-owned businesses we sat down with Rob Kunisch, Howard Bank’s President and COO with 34 years of banking experience, to hear what he had to say.

Q: What makes Howard Bank an exceptional family-owned business partner?
We are a true partner in the way we work with our customers. We take the long view and are always looking forward. Whether a business is just starting out, growing and expanding, or working on succession plans, we have banking experts to help in every stage of a business. In fact, we have one customer today that is up to their third generation. We’ve helped the company transition from one generation to the next which means that they don’t have to explain the ins and outs of their business over and over again to a new banker. That speaks to the bond we create with our

Q: Why are family-owned businesses so important to the bank?
Its family-owned businesses that make the world go around. They are key to our economy. Working with them allows our bankers the opportunity to interact with the company on a different level. I enjoy working with entrepreneurs, risk-takers. They take chances that other people aren’t willing to take to pursue their passion. We’ve grown up in the same culture, taking risks to build
a great bank.

Q: Howard is not a mega-bank based in another city, does that play to your advantage?
There is no doubt about it. The big regional banks have to cover a large geographical territory, while we are focused on the Baltimore region. This is our home, not our “Mid-Atlantic Market.” We are right here, headquartered in Baltimore, right in the middle of our banking territory. All of our decision-makers sit within 100 feet of each other. So, these family-owned businesses actually meet the people who are making the ultimate decision on their loans. It’s a lot easier for us to drive two miles up the street, look at a project say ‘OK, we get it,’ than it is for decision-makers who may be sitting in Charlotte or Buffalo or somewhere else out of town. That makes a huge difference. We also don’t have a lot of account officer turnover. Consistency is key.

Q: What should people know about the products and services you offer family-owned businesses?
As a bank our size, we can provide all of the products and services and technology that is equal to banks that are significantly larger than us. In most instances, our products and services are better because we can upgrade them quickly. We provide treasury management products, online banking, remote deposit captures, sweep accounts, letters of credit and derivatives. At the
same time, I am not trying to sell you things that you don’t necessarily need, like insurance policies or wealth management. We are 100% focused on commercial banking and supporting the goals of family-owned businesses.


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A Q&A with Howard Bank's Director of Marketing on their Recent Rebranding Efforts

  • 07 Aug 2020
  • Posted by ccrossen

Months after completing its merger in 2018 with 1st Mariner Bank, Howard Bank’s marketing team embarked on a major initiative to rebrand the entire company. The rebrand was meant to deliver a consistent and relevant brand experience no matter when, where, or how Howard engaged with customers or colleagues. The team completely revamped the look and feel of the Howard Bank brand across all assets and mediums. It was an extensive undertaking, but it is paying off as the bank continues to grow and attract customers.

Erica Starr, Director of Marketing at Howard Bank, provides insight into the steps taken, challenges faced, and the results. Could your company benefit from a rebrand? Read more below.

Q: How did you determine Howard Bank was in need of a rebrand?
A: After merging with 1st Mariner in March of 2018, we felt like we might have a bit of an identity crisis. Howard Bank has always been focused on small business banking and traditionally didn’t put a lot of emphasis on branding and advertising, while 1st Mariner had been focused on personal banking and had spent over 20 years positioning themselves as Baltimore’s Community Bank. On top of that, we had two similar-sized companies coming together so we knew it was important for us to help foster a culture and brand that was something our colleagues at both companies could get behind and call their own. The merger also allowed Howard to expand our focus and physical reach while gaining the capital to support medium-sized business banking.  

Q: How did you decide when and what to change for the rebrand?
The rebrand was something we knew we would need to do, but we wanted to make sure the dust had settled, so to speak. We wanted to align our external branding with our internal culture but we didn’t want it to get lost in the mix. So that meant we needed time to figure out our internal culture. Our approach to the rebrand was “inside-out.” We didn’t really have a set list of things we wanted to change. We just felt like we needed to start looking inside to see what would resonate outwardly.

Q: What steps did you take for the “inside-out” approach?
A: We wanted our brand’s voice to be authentic - meaning no matter who, how, where, when, or why, our voice would be consistent. We also wanted to avoid the redundancies of other banks’ marketing efforts. With the “inside-out” approach, our first step was researching. We spent months confidentially interviewing and surveying employees from every department of the bank and the executive team, and even some of our own customers. Whatever we came up with needed to be genuine and authentic.                                                                                        

Q. What was the biggest challenge in making your advertising authentic?
A: We wanted to avoid being redundant at all costs. We wanted our ads to be fresh, positive, and tell a story. The biggest thing in advertising is convincing someone to buy your product and establish credibility. If potential buyers see the same photo of a product in five different brands, you begin to question what is legitimate. So, for us, it was all about avoiding redundancy and creating our own footprint in the mark. We are Howard Bank, we aren’t Wells Fargo or M&T, so we work hard to make our own images that reflect what we value at Howard Bank, which are businesses in Greater Baltimore and the people who live and work in these communities.

Q: Was it easy to rebrand the bank as a local institution versus a large regional bank?
A: It was definitely easier to rebrand ourselves as a local bank. We aren’t a “plug-and-play” bank, meaning that megabanks from other cities likely use a template to create ads that they can plug and play in markets across the country. There is often little feeling behind them, no real caring. It is based on completing a transaction and them moving on with business. In our case the framework of our business is built upon our Baltimore roots. We are local, which made it that much easier to tell a story we and our customers could believe in. We knew we had a good story to tell so we let it roll. It wasn’t forced like some of the ads we see running in the market from larger institutions.

Q: Did anything from the interviews or surveys surprise you?
We were pleasantly surprised to know what we thought of ourselves was consistent with the views of our customers. At the end of the day, we want to help our customers. As a local bank, we’re focused on supporting our communities. And that’s really what differentiates us from the other banks. We’re Invested, Insightful, Passionate, and Agile – because we’re a community bank. Those four differentiating factors have become our core values, which we lovingly refer to as our “Double-IPA”.

Q: Who was the creative genius to come up with the “Double-IPA” acronym, and what exactly do each of them mean?
 I actually came up with the acronym myself, but defining them was a joint effort between our marketing team and our rebranding partners over at Gigawatt Group. We don’t just work here, we’re from here, so we’re invested in helping our communities succeed. Being from here means we’re insightful – we don’t rely on algorithms to make decisions on the local market; we’ve got the local market knowledge right here in our backyards. And that makes us agile – we’re not hopping on planes, trains, or buses to make decisions. Our executives are at arms-length. And we’re passionate, simply because we know what we do matters. We want to be a place where we are making a difference. Whether we're making someone’s dreams come true, making their dollar stretch a bit further, or simply making their day a little brighter.

Q: What exactly ended up changing and why?
 Our name obviously didn’t change and that’s because our name is our legacy and holds sentimental value denoting our humble beginnings. Our logo remains the same with its red, yellow, and black color palette to represent Maryland, where we’re from. But pretty much everything else ended up changing! Our tagline “We care about here” points simply to our local dedication. Our mission and vision statements were adjusted to expand on the fact that we’re literally helping to fund people’s dreams and helping to build their legacies. Once we ironed those details out, we were ready to start getting into the visuals.

Q: Do you think being known as a local bank gives you an edge over more large scale national or global banks that have set up shop in the Baltimore area?
A: No question about it. I think being a local bank for sure gives us a competitive edge over large national or global banks that are in Baltimore. It’s got that home team-feel. We’re run by Baltimoreans, for Baltimoreans. Your banker at Howard could be your neighbor or a parent you’ll see on your kids’ back to school night. Our motto is “We care about here,” because we mean it. I just don’t think that a bank that has set up shop in countries across the world can have that same connection to the community.”

Q: How important was it to you to rebrand yourselves as a community bank that serves small businesses?
That is what we do, serve small and medium-sized businesses. We live, breathe, eat, and sleep small and medium-sized businesses. In the Baltimore market, there are thousands of small businesses. It is what makes Baltimore go. Being known as a bank that serves that market is critical. So, when we are contemplating rebranding, the small and mid-size business market was front and center.

Q: What was your biggest challenge throughout the entire process?
To be honest, we had the help of great partners. The Gigawatt Group really helped to guide us and helped harness the creative. I’m not really sure there’s been any challenge in the discovery portion. Although, we did try to capture footage by drone out on a customer’s tugboat in the bay during an Orioles game which turns out to cast a pretty wide “no-fly” zone – but we made it work. That was fun though! But in all seriousness, the entire process was smooth. We had so many customers willing to let us shoot footage of them and in their facilities (or on their tugboats), our colleagues were supportive and involved, and it was all happening right here, at home.

Q: Where do you go from here? How do you measure success?
Right now, we’re focused on helping our customers maintain their legacies during this difficult time. The pandemic has caused so much disruption and we’re dedicated to making sure our communities are equipped to bounce back stronger than ever.  In March of this year, we opened a new Bel Air branch that reflects our new look and we’re currently working to revamp the rest of our branch network later this year. Since launching our new brand we’re seeing success from everything we’ve done.  We’ve seen a lift in customer engagement, we’ve attracted some top-tier talent from some of the larger-name banks, and according to a recent market research analysis, we’re seeing an impressive lift in both aided and unaided market awareness. To top it off, Howard Bank recently received two MX (Marketing Excellence) Awards from the AMA Baltimore chapter for Best New Brand Identity Campaign of the Year and Runner-Up for Grand MX Campaign of the Year. We’ve been really thrilled with the results and are appreciative of the recognition from the AMA. 

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National Entrepreneur's Day: A Q&A with Howard Bank's CEO, Mary Ann Scully

  • 18 Nov 2019
  • Posted by Mary Ann Scully

Mary Ann Scully

Q1: What made you decide to start a bank?
The decision to start a bank was in part opportunistic. I had chosen to leave a larger bank upon consolidation and had become firmly committed to the need for a local business focused bank to provide family-owned businesses in the region with a committed and experienced alternative to the growing number of financial institutions neither commercially focused nor headquartered close to their clients. Like all entrepreneurs, I combined a passion with a purpose at the time of a competitive opening in a market.

Q2: What was the hardest thing you’ve experienced as an entrepreneur?  
A: My hardest experience as an entrepreneur was starting with nothing – no capital, no clients, no locations. It is a rush of reality that all formerly successful entrepreneurs inside a larger company experience when they leave that nest. It is a time of great uncertainty and significant risk. Asking others to join you on that early journey is an awesome responsibility.

Q3: What was the most rewarding thing you’ve experienced as an entrepreneur?
A: The list is too long, but all the rewards for me revolve around three things: Creation - of the names, logos, products, and teams; Impact - making a difference for employees, customers, communities, and investors; Relevance - achieving sustainability.

Q4: What was the best piece of advice you ever got? The worst?
A: The best piece of advice I ever received was to go for it - believe. The worst piece of advice (which I did not take) was to lead with emotion rather than hard facts.

Q5: Looking back, what would you have changed on your road to success?
A: While my journey through entrepreneurship has brought many successes, it also had painful moments and failures. I am a firm believer that our path forward is completely dependent on the setbacks and failures. They allow us to be better risk-takers. They provide us with a roadmap of how to be better in general. And they make us much more empathetic along the way.

Q6: Why are entrepreneurs so important to our city/community?
A: Entrepreneurs are a major source of new ideas, whether that be products or delivery models; they are job-creators and seek out similarly innovative thinkers. They show the path to managing risk vs. reward at an exponential level. And because they are often so dependent on specific local or virtual communities, they focus on enriching those communities that are their lifeblood. They are sincerely invaluable.

Q7: Who are the types of individuals that should make up an entrepreneur’s sounding board?
A: It truly takes a village to sustainably launch a successful new business. In addition to traditional advisors, you need trustworthy accountants, attorneys, technology platforms. Every successful entrepreneur needs some devil’s advocates too; those who will honestly tell you what may not work so that you really can fix it even if it is not yet broken because at the end of the day, that’s what distinguishes entrepreneurs - they fix it even if it is NOT broken.

Q8: What advice would you give an upcoming entrepreneur today? Are there things a Baltimore entrepreneur should leverage that entrepreneurs in other markets don’t have the opportunity to leverage?
A: My best piece of advice for entrepreneurs is to leverage your connections. Baltimore is intensely relationship-oriented, from neighborhoods to school associations to grassroots organizations. Those relationships form the best kind of networks for capital raising, awareness raining, client introductions, advisory sounding boards. They provide a stronger basis of trust. This relationship orientation is one of the primary reasons why we initially looked north to Baltimore when we started Howard Bank.

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Tyler Wright - 40 Under 40

  • 14 Sep 2017
  • Posted by Amarasco

Making the BBJ’s 40 under 40 List is an honor. For Tyler Wright, interacting with past and current members of this group feels like an extension of the community-focused and relationship-driven team spirit that is inherent in the Howard Bank DNA.Tyler-Wright Tyler describes the Howard Bank culture and work ethic this way: “Relationship banking and great service is what makes Howard Bank special. We have talented bankers who all provide great service and expertise.” Banking at Howard Bank is all about relationships, and Tyler is an expert at building those connections. He started his banking career out of college at Mercantile, one of the biggest and most well-known financial institutions in the area, known for a relationship-focused, community-involved company culture. Tyler is in good company at Howard Bank. Jim Witty, Frank Turner, Rick Botti, and Steve Poynot are also Mercantile alumni. When he joined the Howard Bank team in 2010 after the recession, Tyler was happy to have a job at a stable, growing, local bank. He could not have predicted the incredible growth that Howard Bank has achieved, and all of it is directly related to that relationship-focus of the organization. As a Commercial Real Estate Relationship Banker, Tyler is the first point of contact for his clients, whether they have a question about banking services or are seeking help related to a property purchase or refinance. Essentially, he has a quarterback role, and he calls on others on the Howard Bank team to help him provide the great service the Bank is known for. “Being a banker in a community like Baltimore, you’re right in the middle of everything. You’re connected to many different individuals, many different business leaders, to civic leaders, and it gives you the ability to connect all the dots. With these opportunities to connect people and businesses, it helps me understand and learn more about how the economy drives our community.” This bond with the community also keeps Tyler energized in his work. “You are faced with the same issues that your customers face and the challenges that are facing the community, so you’re very immersed in that. It keeps me passionate about my job and finding solutions for my clients.” Committed to the community on a personal level, Tyler volunteers with the Genesee Valley Outdoor Learning Center and the National Collegiate Cancer Foundation. He currently chairs Howard Bank’s United Way employee donation campaign, and he has been honored for his work with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Ambitious and infinitely enthusiastic about banking, Tyler hopes to become a Chief Lending Officer or Bank President someday. “My grandfather was a banker on the Eastern Shore in Centreville. So, you could say that banking is in my blood.”

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Meet Frank Turner, EVP, Regional Executive Officer, Lending

  • 11 Jul 2017
  • Posted by Amarasco

Frank Turner knows commercial banking. With a long familial banking history, his father, grandfather, and his great grandfather were all bankers, Frank started with Mercantile in 1978 and remained when the bank was purchased by PNC. Frank joined Howard Bank in February 2013, when President and CEO, Mary Ann Scully invited him to join the Howard team. “Mary Ann is such an inspiring leader and an extraordinary banker. Having spent my career in Baltimore banking and the commercial side of banking, with Mary Ann’s visions and the decision to focus on greater Baltimore, it was a good fit,” says Frank.Frank Turner Commercial banking involves advice and relationships, and Frank is happy to join a team that is focusing on that. Frank notes that this attention is key. “Howard Bank’s focus on small and medium sized businesses in the greater Baltimore area advocates relationship building and maintaining. The only way to help a business work through a tough situation or take advantage of an opportunity is by having that relationship. At Howard Bank, our management team knows our borrowers.” And the borrowers know their bankers. The senior management team meets with the management of the company. This consistency at the account level all the way to the management level keeps the Howard Bank team focused on their borrowers. This is the heart of Howard Bank, and this relationship focus is the differentiator for Howard Bank. Frank observes, “Mary Ann has assembled a wonderful team of experienced bankers from different backgrounds and banking environments, but the whole team is focused on small to medium sized businesses. And providing banking services to those businesses. We’re a small bank with people that have had long and deep experience in commercial banking. And as we grow we continue to attract talented people.” With Frank’s lengthy history in banking, he has seen changes in the industry over the years. Consolidation has been a major one. The number of banks has shrunk dramatically, for various reasons, but that loss means existing banks need to be much more focused. Howard Bank is uniquely focused in the commercial space. “We’re small enough to do it, but big enough to have the technology, and also the capability and lending limits to provide credit in the space and grow with the client,” says Frank. Some of Frank’s favorite memories from Mercantile days underscore the culture of trust that existed there, and that now exists at Howard Bank. Notes Frank, “The relationship banking – that was what everyone remembers about Mercantile. That’s how Mercantile made their reputation.” While much has changed in banking, there is much that remains the same. Although technology has changed the way clients interact with the bank, think mobile deposits and online banking, at the end of the day, decision-making about extending credit and providing service is people and relationship based. You can’t have a robot provide these relationships. Everyone is different. Each situation is unique. And a lot of it is evaluating the management of the small and medium sized companies that Howard Bank serves. Regarding the future Frank says, “Mary Ann’s assessment of the marketplace and the need, and given what this management team has accomplished so far, the future looks bright.”

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Commercial Banking With Rick Botti

  • 06 Dec 2016
  • Posted by Amarasco

With more than 40 years of commercial banking experience in the Baltimore area, Howard Bank SVP and Relationship Manager Team Lead, Rick Botti, knows how to help local businesses succeed. It often comes in the form of capital – but most business owners aren’t sure what the best solutions for their needs are. Business owners who work with Botti and his team can trust that they are getting superior customer service, quickly.Botti A key aspect of managing commercial banking is recognizing that one size doesn’t fit all. Each business has unique needs. Botti and his team not only understand that – they embrace that. And as banking experts, they know the options that fit the needs of each situation. In fact, they will tailor a program of loan, deposit and cash management services to satisfy their clients’ needs and – hopefully – improve their operations. For Botti and his team, every day is different. There are new business relationships to develop, referrals to gain through networking, meeting the needs of existing customers, underwriting and approving credit, and fostering his own associates’ careers. “I like that we have the ability to get things done quickly for our clients and the collegiality and teamwork of our associates,” Botti says. In celebrating the recent milestone of reaching $1B in assets, Botti says, “We’ve just scratched the surface of our potential. We’ll continue to…grow our footprint with the goal of becoming the go-to bank for small to mid-sized businesses in the Baltimore Metro Area.” Businesses who choose Howard Bank will benefit from personalized service. “We are committed to providing a superior customer experience to each and every one of our customers.  Bank products, services, interest rates and fees all fall within a relatively narrow band.  Clients will generally choose a bank where they feel their needs are best met and serviced, where they have a relationship with their banker and where they have access to decision makers.  These are all things that Howard Bank provides.” Could your business benefit from working with Botti’s commercial banking team at Howard Bank? Contact us today to start the conversation.

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Howard Bank Appoints Three Former BB&T Executives

  • 22 Aug 2016
  • Posted by Admin

08/22/16 citybizlist Howard Bank, a growth-focused community bank serving businesses, professionals and individuals in the Greater Baltimore area, announced today that it has hired Rick Botti, Senior Vice President and Relationship Manager Team Lead, Bart Boland, Senior Vice President and Senior Relationship Manager, and John Wasowicz, Senior Vice President and Senior Relationship Manager. Boland and Wasowicz will be based in Howard Bank’s Parkville branch and work directly with Botti to refine and grow the bank’s commercial strategy and develop new business opportunities. “We are always looking to bring on talented individuals whose experience will set Howard Bank apart from other financial institutions,” said Mary Ann Scully, Howard Bank’s Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President. “These three executives add years of experience, deep market knowledge and will provide our customers with excellent advice. We couldn’t be more pleased to add them to our growing team. This represents the latest step in Howard Bank’s commitment to be the go to commercial bank in Greater Baltimore.” The three join the bank after Howard Bank hired James D. Witty, former Maryland Regional President for BB&T, as Executive Vice President and Chief Lending Officer. Witty has 27 years of banking experience. A seasoned executive, Botti has more than 30 years of commercial banking experience in the Metro Baltimore area. Most recently, he was Commercial Team Lead for BB&T. While at BB&T, he was responsible for leading and managing a Commercial Team in its efforts to develop new business relationships, service and expand existing customer relatationships and achieve group goals to include deposit and loan growth, fee income and credit quality. Botti earned his master’s in business administration from Johns Hopkins University, where he also earned a B.A. in social and behavioral sciences. Boland joins Howard Bank as Senior Vice President and Senior Relationship Manager. He previously was Vice President of BB&T, where he was responsible for acquiring new commercial loan and deposit relationships and preparing and presenting commercial loan requests to Credit Department and Commercial Loan Committee. Boland also managed a portfolio of over $70 million in outstanding commercial loans and more than $15 million in deposits. He earned a master’s in business administration from the University of Baltimore. He is a graduate of the University of Richmond where he earned a B.A. in political science. A former BB&T Client Relationship Manager, Wasowicz joins the Howard Bank team as Senior Vice President and Senior Relationship Manager. As Client Relationship Manager at BB&T, Wasowicz was responsible managing relationships with various financial institutions and companies of diverse size, industry and financial complexity to conduct business development, portfolio management and deepen relationships. Wasowicz earned a B.A. in accounting from Loyola College, Baltimore.

About Howard Bank Howard Bancorp is a bank holding company with total assets of $947 million as of Dec. 31, 2015. Its principal operating subsidiary, Howard Bank is a locally owned and managed, growth-focused community bank serving businesses, professionals and individuals in the Greater Baltimore area through 16 full service branches. Howard Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Howard Bancorp (NASDAQ: HBMD). For more information visit, http://www.howardbank.com
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Howard Bank taps three BB&T bankers to spearhead commercial growth

  • 22 Aug 2016
  • Posted by Admin

Aug 22, 2016, 2:01pm EDT Baltimore Business Journal Fast-growing Howard Bank has brought on three more employees from BB&T Corp. to help ramp up its commercial banking efforts. The Ellicott City-based bank hired Rick Botti to lead its relationship management team. He will be joined by Bart Boland and John Wasowicz who will both be relationship managers. Boland and Wasowicz will be based in Howard Bank’s Parkville branch and work directly with Botti to grow the bank’s commercial strategy and develop new business opportunities. The three join the bank four months after Howard snagged James D. Witty from Winston-Salem, N.C.-based BB&T to be its executive vice president and chief lending officer. Witty was previously BB&T's Maryland regional president. Howard Bank CEO Mary Ann Scully has placed an emphasis on commercial banking. In a recent interview, she said she wants the bank to grow by expanding its customer base. The lift-out from BB&T could help in that regard because hiring experienced employees means Howard also gets those people's relationships. Some of those clients who bank at BB&T could potentially move over to Howard. “We are always looking to bring on talented individuals whose experience will set Howard Bank apart from other financial institutions,” Scully said in a statement. At BB&T, Botti, who has more than 30 years of commercial banking experience in Baltimore, led the bank's commercial lending team. Boland was responsible for acquiring new commercial loan and deposit relationships. He also managed a portfolio of over $70 million in commercial loans and more than $15 million in deposits. Wasowicz was responsible for managing BB&T's relationships with various financial institutions. Howard, a subsidiary of holding company Howard Bancorp (NASDAQ: HBMD), has been growing quickly. Howard acquired Patapsco Bank and the assets of NBRS Financial Bank in the last two years, and hired some of the top people from other banks, including former Carrollton Bancorp CEO Robert A. Altieri. The bank currently has 16 branches and assets of nearly $1 billion. About Howard Bank Howard Bancorp is a bank holding company with total assets of $947 million as of Dec. 31, 2015. Its principal operating subsidiary, Howard Bank is a locally owned and managed, growth-focused community bank serving businesses, professionals and individuals in the Greater Baltimore area through 13 full service branches. Howard Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Howard Bancorp (NASDAQ: HBMD). For information visit www.howardbank.com.

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Daily Record Newspaper Names Mary Ann Scully to Maryland’s Most Admired CEO List for a Third Year

  • 14 Jul 2016
  • Posted by Admin

Headshot MAS

Howard Bank Chief Executive Officer Mary Ann Scully has been named one of Maryland's Most Admired CEOs by The Daily Record for a third year. Ms. Scully was honored on the elite list in 2012 and 2015. The Daily Record’s annual list is an exclusive ranking of top business CEOs, nonprofit executives and community leaders in Maryland who are judged by a panel of business and legal professionals on professional accomplishments, community service, leadership and vision. Ms. Scully was selected among 25 other Maryland business CEOs and leaders. “It is a privilege to be regarded among the top business leaders and professionals in Maryland,” said Ms. Scully. “Receiving this honor for the third year speaks volumes of the hard work, dedication and talent of our Howard Bank team. Without them none of this would have been possible.” "This year's Most Admired CEOs inspire and motivate others to achieve their goals," said Suzanne Fischer-Huettner, publisher of The Daily Record. "They understand that they cannot succeed by themselves and have learned the value of surrounding themselves with great team members who believe in their organization's core values and mission. The Daily Record is pleased to recognize this year's honorees." Ms. Scully is a leading banker with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Since founding Howard Bank in 2003, Ms. Scully continues to emphasize that building a strong team is an essential component to any successful business or organization. “We want to build a bank that not only has an impact on the communities it serves, but leaves a legacy,” said Ms. Scully. “How do you leave a legacy? Hire leaders motivated and talented enough to make a difference.” In addition to her rank on Maryland’s Most Admired CEO List, Ms. Scully was also recognized by The Daily Record as Maryland’s Most Influential this year for a third time. She was previously honored on the exclusive Influential Marylander list in 2008 and 2012. To learn more about The Daily Record’s Maryland Most Admired CEO list, visit: http://thedailyrecord.com/most_admired_ceos/.   

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Howard Bank CEO to Speak at Bank Director’s Conference

  • 10 Nov 2015
  • Posted by Amarasco

Scully will be a featured panelist at the Chicago event ELLICOTT CITY, Md. (Nov. 10, 2015) – Howard Bank Board Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Mary Ann Scully will take part in the Bank Executive & Board Compensation Conference Nov. 10-11 at the Swissotel Chicago. Scully will be a featured panelist in a Wednesday session titled What Makes Great Boards Great: Making the Tough Calls. The conference brings together executives and board members from various parts of the financial community. The program aims to deliver essential information and insight to officers and directors from public and private institutions, prepare financial institutions from across the U.S. to grow and compete in the future and introduce strategies and tactics a bank's HR and executive team can immediately consider or implement. Scully, whose banking career spans 40 years, has been at the helm of Ellicott City-based Howard Bank since its founding in 2004. This year, Scully oversaw the acquisition of Patapsco Bank, making Howard Bank the largest publicly traded bank headquartered in the Baltimore region. About Howard Bank: Howard Bancorp is a bank holding company with total assets of $924 million as of Sept. 30, 2015. Its principal operating subsidiary, Howard Bank is a locally owned and managed, growth-focused community bank serving businesses, professionals and individuals in the Greater Baltimore area through 16 full service branches. Howard Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Howard Bancorp (NASDAQ: HBMD). For information visit www.howardbank.com

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