Personal Loans

Hands On Is How We Work at Howard Bank.

And it means helping you understand how to use credit wisely to manage your personal finances and to help you cross the bridge from dreams to reality.  Whatever major purchase you’re financing, Howard Bank can help you choose the best way to get there, whether it’s a Home Equity loan or line, a personal loan or credit line, or a first mortgage.

Home Equity Loans

Your home is likely your biggest asset and we can help you make the most of it.  A home equity loan, or line, is a flexible and easy way to meet your borrowing needs. In most cases it’s tax deductible, although you should check with your tax advisor to make sure. Use the equity in your home to finance college, consolidate debt, add a deck or finish the basement, buy a car, or even take the once-in-a-lifetime vacation you know you deserve. Our home equity loans provide a fixed interest rate and fixed monthly payments, so you know what’s what.

Home Equity Lines

This is a convenient way to access funds when you need them by writing checks or stopping in at one of our branches. Our home equity lines provide a competitive variable interest rate.

Signature Line of Credit 
and Overdraft Line of Credit

Use your Howard Bank Signature Line of Credit to get money where and when you need it. Simply write a check, go to an ATM, or stop in at a Howard Bank branch. Our Overdraft Line of Credit provides overdraft protection for those unexpected times when you overdraw your account. Please see a representative for more information.

Installment Loans

Buy a car or boat, take a vacation, or add that plasma TV you’ve been coveting for so long. We can help you with a variety of fixed and variable loan options.

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