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Meet Frank Turner, EVP, Regional Executive Officer, Lending

July 11th, 2017 by

Frank Turner knows commercial banking. With a long familial banking history, his father, grandfather, and his great grandfather were all bankers, Frank started with Mercantile in 1978 and remained when the bank was purchased by PNC. Frank joined Howard Bank in February 2013, when President and CEO, Mary Ann Scully invited him to join the Howard team.

“Mary Ann is such an inspiring leader and an extraordinary banker. Having spent my career in Baltimore banking and the commercial side of banking, with Mary Ann’s visions and the decision to focus on greater Baltimore, it was a good fit,” says Frank.Frank Turner

Commercial banking involves advice and relationships, and Frank is happy to join a team that is focusing on that. Frank notes that this attention is key. “Howard Bank’s focus on small and medium sized businesses in the greater Baltimore area advocates relationship building and maintaining. The only way to help a business work through a tough situation or take advantage of an opportunity is by having that relationship. At Howard Bank, our management team knows our borrowers.”

And the borrowers know their bankers. The senior management team meets with the management of the company. This consistency at the account level all the way to the management level keeps the Howard Bank team focused on their borrowers. This is the heart of Howard Bank, and this relationship focus is the differentiator for Howard Bank.

Frank observes, “Mary Ann has assembled a wonderful team of experienced bankers from different backgrounds and banking environments, but the whole team is focused on small to medium sized businesses. And providing banking services to those businesses. We’re a small bank with people that have had long and deep experience in commercial banking. And as we grow we continue to attract talented people.”

With Frank’s lengthy history in banking, he has seen changes in the industry over the years. Consolidation has been a major one. The number of banks has shrunk dramatically, for various reasons, but that loss means existing banks need to be much more focused. Howard Bank is uniquely focused in the commercial space. “We’re small enough to do it, but big enough to have the technology, and also the capability and lending limits to provide credit in the space and grow with the client,” says Frank.

Some of Frank’s favorite memories from Mercantile days underscore the culture of trust that existed there, and that now exists at Howard Bank. Notes Frank, “The relationship banking – that was what everyone remembers about Mercantile. That’s how Mercantile made their reputation.”

While much has changed in banking, there is much that remains the same. Although technology has changed the way clients interact with the bank, think mobile deposits and online banking, at the end of the day, decision-making about extending credit and providing service is people and relationship based. You can’t have a robot provide these relationships. Everyone is different. Each situation is unique. And a lot of it is evaluating the management of the small and medium sized companies that Howard Bank serves.

Regarding the future Frank says, “Mary Ann’s assessment of the marketplace and the need, and given what this management team has accomplished so far, the future looks bright.”

A Special Thank You From Mary Ann Scully

December 22nd, 2016 by

Mary Ann ScullyFor thousands of years, the world has turned to both celebration and sober reflection at this time of year.  We ponder the approaching long hours of darkness and cold associated with the winter solstice; we are awed by ancient stories of infant births and temple lamps; we are always deciding on the best way to give thanks, and we are constantly contemplating challenges and opportunities ahead.  It is a time of refection in part because of all these contrasts.  We at Howard Bank want to share our reflections with you – our customers, colleagues, and community members at this time of co-celebration.

We remain ever optimistic and hope that those who are feeling anxious about the changes that have occurred in the world, and that continue to occur, can themselves reflect on the tried and trues that transcend elections, interest rate uncertainty, stock market swings, and even civil wars.

We live in one of the most free, most open countries in the world and that freedom is, in the long term, worth our constant commitment.  We, in Greater Baltimore, live in a region with higher than average education levels, higher than average wealth, higher than average growth, and lower than average unemployment- we are among the luckiest people in a world still filled with pockets of intolerance, poverty, malnutrition and illiteracy.

Each of us gets to participate in community life with many of our friends, family, and neighbors who have big enough hearts to appreciate that, while on average, we are blessed.  There are significant inequities in freedom, wealth, education, and upward opportunity where each of us can do something – no matter how small- about that every day.

We thank you for always welcoming us into these communities we serve – for doing business with us, connecting us to others, making us aware of problems to be solved, and helping us solve them together.

And we commit to continue to serve you – to help you make your dreams come true – as that is our purpose in life as your community bank.

Mary Ann

Chairman, President and CEO
Howard Bank and Howard Bancorp

The Future of Branch Banking

September 12th, 2016 by

As digital banking use continues to increase, bank branch traffic is decreasing. But that doesn’t signal the end of branch banking. Quite the contrary; the interactions that are occurring in the branches are very important.

While consumers want the convenience of online and mobile banking, when they are making a large purchase (think home or car), need financial advice or have a service need, a person-to-person connection is the overwhelming choice, not an app. When people are making a major financial decision that involves short and long term financial planning they really want that personal relationship. And this is what sets Howard Bank apart from other banks – a hands on approach.

Branch banking will continue to change over the next five to ten years. The trend of customers coming into the branch less for transactions and more for advice will continue. “Our branch layout will change from the standpoint that there’s no need to have a 4,000 square foot branch tomorrow; an 800 to 1,200 square foot branch storefront is more appropriate,” says Barry Luciani, Senior Vice President, Branch Executive at Howard Bank.

The core function of the branch has become relationship building. And this means that the (more…)

Team Liftouts as an Alternative to M&A / Evaluating Strategic Alternatives as a Prelude to a Sale / Banks’ Reaction to Shrinking Margins

August 31st, 2016 by

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Podcast Show Notes:

Our This Month In Banking (TMIB) podcast highlights significant news and events in banking and our hosts’ take on them, along with interviews with industry thought leaders. New episodes will be available on the last Wednesday of every month here, on Stitcher, Soundcloud, and iTunes for your listening enjoyment. Join us on your commute or at your desk.

Headshot MASTopic 1: Team Liftouts as an Alternative to M&A

Start time 6:20

Our guest, Mary Ann Scully, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Howard Bank, announced last week that they recently hired three BB&T commercial relationship managers. Howard Bank is a $989 million dollar bank headquartered in Ellicott City, Maryland.

Also, United Community Banks of Blairsville, GA, a $10.4 billion-asset company hired a four-person team from Community & Southern Bank in Atlanta that specializes in financing senior-care facilities. (C&S was sold last month to Bank of the Ozarks for $800 million.) The team has been able to tap into positive trends, originating more than $400 million of senior-care-related loans last year, and has booked $80 million in loans since joining United.

Are team lift outs more advantageous than M&A

Topic 2: Evaluating Strategic Alternatives as a Prelude to a Sale

Start time 23:50

Anchor Bancorp in Lacey, Washington, which has been facing pressure from a prominent activist investor to sell itself, has hired an investment bank to explore strategic options. The $419 million-asset company said in a press release Monday that it had hired Keefe, Bruyette & Woods to assist in a process that could include a sale.

What is the handicap that Anchor sells?

Topic 3: Banks’ Reaction to Shrinking Margins

Start time 30:45

Net interest margins have only gotten tighter this year. American Banker, in a slideshow, took a look at the reasons why, how much some banks are hurting and what certain institutions are doing to relieve the pressure.


Howard Bank Appoints Three Former BB&T Executives

August 22nd, 2016 by

08/22/16 citybizlist

Howard Bank, a growth-focused community bank serving businesses, professionals and individuals in the Greater Baltimore area, announced today that it has hired Rick Botti, Senior Vice President and Relationship Manager Team Lead, Bart Boland, Senior Vice President and Senior Relationship Manager, and John Wasowicz, Senior Vice President and Senior Relationship Manager.

Boland and Wasowicz will be based in Howard Bank’s Parkville branch and work directly with Botti to refine and grow the bank’s commercial strategy and develop new business opportunities.

“We are always looking to bring on talented individuals whose experience will set Howard Bank apart from other financial institutions,” said Mary Ann Scully, Howard Bank’s Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President. “These three executives add years of experience, deep market knowledge and will provide our (more…)

Howard Bank taps three BB&T bankers to spearhead commercial growth

August 22nd, 2016 by

Aug 22, 2016, 2:01pm EDT

Baltimore Business Journal

Fast-growing Howard Bank has brought on three more employees from BB&T Corp. to help ramp up its commercial banking efforts.

The Ellicott City-based bank hired Rick Botti to lead its relationship management team. He will be joined by Bart Boland and John Wasowicz who will both be relationship managers. Boland and Wasowicz will be based in Howard Bank’s Parkville branch and work directly with Botti to grow the bank’s commercial strategy and develop new business opportunities.

The three join the bank four months after Howard snagged James D. Witty from Winston-Salem, N.C.-based BB&T to be its executive vice president and chief lending officer. Witty was previously BB&T’s Maryland regional president.

Howard Bank CEO Mary Ann Scully has placed an emphasis on commercial banking. In a recent interview, she said she wants the bank to grow by (more…)

Daily Record Newspaper Names Mary Ann Scully to Maryland’s Most Admired CEO List for a Third Year

July 14th, 2016 by

Contact: Bill Atkinson | ‪443-797-4150 |

Headshot MASHoward Bank Chief Executive Officer Mary Ann Scully has been named one of Maryland’s Most Admired CEOs by The Daily Record for a third year. Ms. Scully was honored on the elite list in 2012 and 2015.

The Daily Record’s annual list is an exclusive ranking of top business CEOs, nonprofit executives and community leaders in Maryland who are judged by a panel of business and legal professionals on professional accomplishments, community service, leadership and vision. Ms. Scully was selected among 25 other Maryland business CEOs and leaders.

“It is a privilege to be regarded among the top business leaders and professionals in Maryland,” said Ms. Scully. “Receiving this honor for the third year speaks volumes of the hard work, dedication and talent of our Howard Bank team. Without them none of this would have been possible.”

“This year’s Most Admired CEOs inspire (more…)

Howard Bank’s Danielle Mullin Completes LEADERSHIP Baltimore County Program

June 28th, 2016 by

The competitive program selects local business leaders to engage in activities designed to stimulate personal, professional and communal growth.

Contact: Bill Atkinson | 443-797-4150 |

Danielle Mullin, Vice President and Commercial Relationship Manager at Howard Bank’s Towson branch, Mullincompleted Baltimore County’s rigorous eight-month LEADERSHIP program.

Mullin and 40 other handpicked participants from local business, government, nonprofit and educational sectors, graduated from the LEADERSHIP class of 2016 on June 6th.

The program allowed participants to explore challenges facing Baltimore County, such as economic development, public safety, social services, education, county and state government and health. The activities range from police ride-longs to working in homeless shelters. Participants were encouraged to develop long-term relationships with key community leaders and policy setters to help brainstorm solutions to community issues.

Mullin said some of her most memorable (more…)

This Thanksgiving: A Choice

November 25th, 2015 by


From all of us at Howard Bank we wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving.

It’s that time of year once again—the time when we offer our thanks for our blessings. In preparation for doing so, it’s important to remember that some have more thanks to offer than others, and to remember those when celebrating our own good fortune.

The subject of economic inequality is one frequently mentioned these days by government leaders and social scientists, not to mention Federal Reserve chairmen and countless economists. Despite the bank bashing that still occurs, eight years after the crisis, those of us who are community bankers spend much of our time, professionally and personally, trying to correct some of those inequalities through our age-old role as facilitators and intermediaries. We provide funding to those who are not liquid, but are seeking advantage, by responsibly investing the proceeds from those who are more liquid, if not more advantaged, into our own community. However we also spend a great deal of time trying to understand the larger picture—the reality of, the magnitude of and the root causes of inequality.  (more…)

Your History Lesson, featuring the ATM

October 20th, 2015 by

ATM-PhotoATM, cashpoint, hole in the wall…regardless of how you refer to it, chances are you’ve experienced standing in front of one, and in line for one, more than you realize. Maybe you’ve been outside in subzero temperatures, maybe an absurd service fee has been inflicted upon you, or even a combination of the two.

Nearing its 50-year anniversary, the now ubiquitous cash dispenser made its debut in 1967. Though its uniqueness is undeniable, its origins are a bit knotty. It’s been said the first cash machine appeared in Japan, though there’s very little published on the matter. Whether or not that’s true, Europe certainly had the most successful implementation of after-hours cash dispensers, a response from bankers to the rising labor costs and unionization.

The automated teller machines of today are essentially the culmination of several inventions from multiple people over a few decades. The history is confusing, but we’ve decided to take it upon us to break it down. (more…)

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